Why Hire an Independent Educational Consultant?

Our main objective is to have our students gain admission to the college which is their best match, and where they will find happiness, success and a solid academic program

Selecting the right college fit can be a difficult, confusing and an overwhelming process without the support of a knowledgeable, qualified and experienced college counselor.




Our graduates go on to careers in business, marketing, education and biotechnology. Two-thirds go directly into jobs after graduation;  28 percent go on to graduate school. 

MaryBeth Brown College Counseling Services of Central Florida provides college consulting services to local high school students and their families, to give them the edge in getting into their "best fit" colleges and to guide them in finding the best financial package.  MaryBeth, a former high school teacher and admissions officer  is a member of Higher Education Consultants Association since 2008 (www.hecaonline.org) and an Associate Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (www.IECAonline.com).


The Adventure Begins

MaryBeth Brown College Admissions Consulting

Discovering the right college begins with thinking about the future. It's the kind of journey  that can take you to some really amazing places. You'll learn something about who you are and what you want to be. You may even learn that there's more than one right college for you.

The journey doesn't need to wait until junior year of high school.   It can begin with a middle school decision about which foreign language to study or which math track to follow . Or it can start with informal visits to local colleges and discussions about programs or majors.

Welcome to an amazing experience!